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1825 June
Rationale of Reward
§.1. Scale of Ranks

By an official, that is to say a judicial acknowledgement
of extraordinary public service as having
been rendered, the natural dignity resulting from the
act of rendering such service, will be not only established
but extended. Of an instrument drawn up
for this purpose – of a certificate included in an ordinary
judicial decree, no misapplication can be
made, any otherwise than as the like misapplication
is liable to be made in any other judicial case: made by
false evidence or any other accidental cause of judicial
misdecision. To a certificate of this sort, accompanied
with official service applied to the purpose of
divulgation, the forms of judicial procedure are
no less easily applicable than to a claim made of a
sum of money, or any other subject matter of possession
that can be named: and, by the evidence delivered
on the plaintiff's side, coupled with such corrections,
if any are as come to be made in it by evidence on the other side,
the exact quantity and quality of the individual service
in question will in each and every case be
pourtrayed. Whosoever in lieu of, or in conjunction
with, natural title to respect thus proved and acknowledged,
proposed the creation or preservation of factitious
dignity in any of its shapes, in a word, of a constantly
ungrounded claim to respect, – proves, in and
by such proposal, that his wish is, that the matter of
good in this shape should be either expensed in waste,
or applied to purposes positively pernicious: in
waste, as if it were disposed of by being drawn for as
in a lottery: to pernicious purposes, as where it is
bestowed for the purposes on with the effect, with or without the purposes of lodging
a correspondent increase of power in the hands of the drawer of these bills.

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