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1825 June 22

Rationale of Reward §.1. Scale of Ranks

The Military class of functionary is on this occasion
as remarked in the box: altogether out of the question Grand are thus
matter not of choice but of necessity: rank grade of rank accompany grad the grades of power not by
express institution but in our time | the nature of Kings
as the shadow does the substance

Our objection goes to the whole. The state government in
question is either one in which has for its view the
greatest happiness of the greatest number. That is to say
a well-organized representative democracy, or one that has not
under which better had are included monarchy, aristocracy
and all sorts of mixtures in which they either
of them are ingredients. In the first case any such grandate
to form inappropriate and needless useless, and scarcely
at all applicable. In the other cases it will be found
worse than useless positively mischievous

It is Mischief the first. Making an addition
to a power already too great without it a power employed
in the promotion of an interest opposite to that of the greatest

2. Mischief the first The only good it is susceptible
of to set against the above evil is purely hypothetical:- if
and in so far as by the use of the good matter of reason
in this shape, evil punishment the greater quin shew what is
attached to the operation of levying the quantity of the
maker of reward thus employed is saved.

If the lowest ranks of all be admitted that as to by
the rank composed of the great majority of the people the quantity
of the pleasure of expectation then producible may
to a considerable Reduction from the evil. This accordingly is
the war in Russia. But in Ireland suppose seats
of this seat introduced and four or five hundred thousand
br admitted into it what the six million of catholics
remained intended. Certain would be the consequence? The
interest possible quantity of enjoyment capable of being informed
into the privileged class would be into in prodig degree be inted
by the pair of ingested into the of the degraded shapes

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