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1825. June
Rationale of Rewards

It would be Too much, perhaps, might it be to say – that,
in no state of things, can depredation, at the expence of
individuals, or even at the expence of the public,
be to a greater amount prevented, by increase given
to official salaries.

With confidence, however, may two things
be asserted:

One is – that by no such increase can any preventive
effect be produced, approaching, though it were at ever
to great a distance, to that which may be produced
by letting in upon all government operations, special
cause of exception excepted, the full light of the public

2. Another thing is that if, from so paradoxical a
source, improvement to any amount be indeed capable
of being derived, not only must the liberality have
been preceded by signal blindness, but that the range
of the improvement must be confined within very
narrow limits.

Conceive, for example, application made to England
of this supposed Russian plan for the increase of revenue.
To all official salaries, suppose an addition made of
one half: by this liberality, would the reported addition of a
third be made to the public revenue, and this, too, without
addition to the taxes? True it is that in no part of the
English establishment could you at present find a salary
insufficient for boots and shoes. But that must be understood
– not literally, but as the phrase is – as a way of
speaking. Nor, on the other hand, would you find many
who, each of them on condition of receiving, to the amount
of half, or to any other amount, less or greater, and an addition
to his present emolument, would not be ready to aver
three things: 1. that the service duty attached to his office was extremely
well performed by him. 2. that the value of it of the service rendered by him in the performance of that same duty, was fully
equal to the value of whatever remuneration he received
for it: 3. that from the proposed addition, the benefit received by
the public, wd more
than counterbalance
the burthen of the

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