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1825. June 21
Rationale of Reward

Speaking of the man at the head of the
law – "Suppose him to become blind: not able to
"read a paper or see a witness": – said an Englishman
once to an United State's functionary – "what would
"become of him? "What would become of him?" –
"Exactly what would become of a portrait painter in
"the same case: he would find his way to a saving
"Bank, if he had subscribed to one, or to one of the
"Charity subscriptions for paupers in high life: or
"his friends would take care of him as well as
"they could. Would it not be better to leave him to
"his friends, if he have any, than force him upon strangers".
We leave it to you, (he might have added)
to have at the same time two men doing Judge's
work, one of them at £23,000 a year, besides et cæteras,
upon et cæteras, and at the same time two others at
£4,000 a year for doing nothing after having been
paid, as above, for doing Judge's work for a few years
or a few months.

After all, one thing only, if anything, would render
a man of feeling insensible to the evil, which the few in
high life would be expected to, for want of this bounty upon
idleness and improvidence; – and this is – the thought of
what the many are made to feel in the vain endeavour
to secure against diminution of comfort those who,
for no better reason than that of their having already so
much of it, are stiled their betters.

Under a form of government made by the
one and the few, for their own benefit at the expence
of the many, wherever you see humanity at the surface,
be assured of finding rapine and hardheartedness
at the bottom of it: the virtue upon a microscopic
scale the opposite vice upon an one a telescopic scale.

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