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Brought over – £80,000

3rd. The annual Loss sustained by the Community at large by
the pilfering and purloining of wearing Apparel which are
Sold to the Old Cloaths Shops and to Itinerant Dealers – 20,000

4 The annual Loss sustained by Government and by
Individuals in New and Old Iron and in Articles Manufactured
therefrom purloined from the King's Yards, Store
Houses, Workshops, and other places estimated at 11 Tons
weekly in the Metropolis and its Vicinity or 5,700 Tons Yearly
Sold to Old Iron Shops – Computed Value lost – 120,000

5. The amount of Articles of Brass, Pot Metal, Bell Metal &c
Stolen in the same way And Sold to Old Iron Shops Founders
&c 1360 Tons P Annum – 155,000

6. The amount of Articles of Copper Stolen in the same way
and sold to Old Iron Shops and Copper-Smiths 1040 Tons
Yearly – Computed value – 135,000

7. The amount of Melted Pewter arising from Pewter Pots
Stolen from about 5600 Publicans in the Metropolis &
its Vicinity sold to Iron Shops Pewterers &c at an under
Price – Cost of 676 Tons. – 62,000

8. The amount of other Melted Pewter, and Pewter Solder Sold
in the same way – 364 Tons Cost - 37,000

9. The amount of Lead Stolen and Sold to Old Iron Shops,
Plumbers, Lead Toy Makers &c 2600 Tons – 52,000

10. The amount of Miscellaneous Articles of Ordnance and
Victualling Stores and numerous Articles Stolen from Private
Houses, Warehouses, Stables and other out Houses by Servants,
Dustmen & others and Sold to Itinerants & at Iron Shops &c. – 139,000

Total amount according to the estimate of the original Cost of the
Various Articles stolen annually and purchased through the
medium of the several Dealers now proposed to be regulated – £800,000

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