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Box 149 contains a miscellany of material. It includes parts and fragments of a number of Bentham's works, including A View of the Hard Labour Bill, Panopticon versus New South Wales, work on the 1800 Thames Police Bill, Constitutional Code, and advertisements for several works. These manuscripts also include a plan for a government newspaper, bits about Bentham's auto-icon, letters to newspapers, miscellaneous collectanea not in Bentham's hand, and the final codicil to Bentham's will of 1831, in which he leaves his body to be auto-iconised by Dr Thomas Southwood Smith.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Folios 73-6, 79-82, 92-102, 109-11 have been transcribed and published in Writings on the Poor Laws: Volume 2, ed. M. Quinn, Oxford, 2010; the material on education in folios 192–201 has been included in Chrestomathia, eds. M.J. Smith and W.H. Burston, Oxford, 1993; and the material on deontology in folios 343–66 has been included in Deontology together with A Table of the Springs of Action and Article on Utilitarianism, ed. A. Goldworth, Oxford, 1983.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 9 : Plan for a government newspaper, memorial [c.1775]
  • Folios 10 to 11 : Places from and to which waggons go [c.1790]
  • Folios 12 to 35 : Reasons in favour of a Bill, for preventing frauds and embezzlements in dockyards [1794]
  • Folios 36 to 46 : Mode of disposing of old stores [c.1795]
  • Folios 47 to 53 : Poor plan, smuggling repressed, mendacity extirpated [c.1795]
  • Folios 54 to 65 : Poor plan, Essay on collateral uses derivable from a system of industry houses, National music seminary [c.1795]
  • Folios 66 to 111 : Poor plan, Useful knowledge augmented and diffused [c.1795]
  • Folios 112 to 117 : Poor plan, friendly societies, correspondence [1797]
  • Folios 118 to 145 : Panopticon, Transportation, expense of punishment, New South Wales [c.1799]
  • Folios 146 to 148 : Short heads of a Bill for the more effectual prevention of depredations on the River Thames [1799]
  • Folios 149 to 156: Police Bill, introductory observations [c.1799]
  • Folios 157 to 169 : Police Bill, anonymous information [c.1799]
  • Folios 170 to 181 : Counterfeiting, Coin forger's Bill, observations [c.1799]
  • Folios 182 to 186 : Lincoln's Inn, Jeremy Bentham versus Fonblanque, petition for his eviction [1807]
  • Folios 187 to 191 : Manuscript advertisements for several of Bentham's publications: View of the Hard Labour Bill, Panopticon, Pauper Management Improved, Two Letters to Lord Pelham [aka Panopticon versus New South Wales], A Plea for the Constitution [c.1812]
  • Folios 192 to 201 : Chrestomathia, title page, preface, advertisement [1813]
  • Folio 202 : Mechanics' Institute, bye-laws [no date]
  • Folios 203 to 211 : Auto-Icon, View of the Hard Labour Bill, Constitutional Law, fragments [1820-22]
  • Folios 212 to 217 : Constitutional Code, judiciary, local registrars [1824-26, 1831]
  • Folios 218 to 227 : Court of Chancery, report of the commission in manuscript, debate on Taylor's motion [1825-26]
  • Folios 228 to 236 : Logic, heads of chapters and sections, marginal summaries [1826]
  • Folios 237 to 253 : Statistical Society, Dicendi, ends, marginal summaries [c.1826]
  • Folios 254 to 255 : Penal code, marginal summaries [c.1826]
  • Folios 256 to 257 : Notes on Bentham's illness, Benthamiana [c.1826]
  • Folios 258 to 262 : Bankruptcy Court Bill, observations [1830]
  • Folios 263 to 277 : Miscellaneous collectanea, including:
    • 270: Speaker Manner's job
    • 271: Language
    • 273: Fee-appropriation Bill
    • 274-5: Davy's Ceylon and Cordiner's Ceylon
    • 276-7: List of names of persons to whom books had been given [1798-1832]
  • Folios 278 to 281 : Radical reform, Bentham to the Examiner, the people's enemy unmasked [1831]
  • Folios 282 to 311 : Prospectus of a morning family newspaper called The Universalist [1831]
  • Folios 312 to 313 : Codicil to Bentham's will [1831]
  • Folios 314 to 342 : Miscellaneous collectanea, not in Bentham's hand [c.1831]
  • Folios 343 to 366 : Deontology, in the hand of John Bowring [c.1831]
  • Folio 367 : Printed copy of the First report of the Commissioners on Criminal and Civil Justice in the West Indies [1826-27]

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