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No License | Amount
Brought Over — 21900 | 38500
8 Retail Dealers in Old Iron and other Metals
Duty £2 -- and £1 ---------3750 | 5000
9 Manufacturers purchasing Metals of persons
not Licensed — Duty of £2 -- and £1 -----4500 | 6000
10 Founders and Others having and using Crucibles
Melting Pots the Duty £1 and £0..10..0---1500 | 1000
11 Persons being Licensed Dealers Keeping Draught
Carts for conveying stores Rags Metals &c.
Duty £5 and £2..10 ----------750 | 2500
12 Such Carts for the above purpose £ 2 and £11500 | 2000
33900 License | £55000

This estimate is supposed by Persons acquainted with the Trade
to be under rated. Be that as it will, the proper regulation of these
Dealers would be of greater consequence than the Revenue as it
would nearly go to the root of an evil of the greatest magnitude
and which at present deeply affects the best interests of society — It
is therefore of consequence that the Grounds upon which it is proposed
to lay such Dealers under restrictions and to subject each to a
License Duty should be clearly and explicitly explained previous
to an education of the subsequent Clauses of the Bill. The extensive
mischiefs which are at present attached to each class of Dealers are
of so much importance to be known that it is thought necessary
to detail them in the following manner.

Dealers in Old Naval Stores.

The License proposed in this instance relate to Dealers in
Second Hand Naval Stores not purchased for the purpose of
making paper but being of a better quality are again converted
into Naval Stores for trading? The Dealers in this line are

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