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very numerous near the water Side and a great number of them
fraudulently purchase different Articles of Naval Stores such as Cordage
Junk, Sail Cloth, Sacks and Sacking &c at an under price and
resell the same at a profit of from 50 to 60 P Cent. Such Dealers
can therefore well afford to pay a Licence Duty and it is greatly
for the Interests of Society and particularly for the Security of
his Majesty's Stores in the different Dock Yards that such Dealers
should be laid under particular restrictions so as to protect the
fair Trader who will benefit by such regulations while the fraudulent
will be prevented in a great degree from carrying on that System
of Villainy which by receiving every thing encourages those depredations
to an immense amount committed upon the property of the Public
in the Kings Stores as well as upon Shipowners &c — It is no
uncommon thing for persons of this desription Secretly to Keep
Men employed all the Year round in taking the coloured Strand
out of the Kings Cordage, and in altering the appearance of
every desription of Stores so as to prevent the possibility of detection
and when it is found impossible in all respects to elude Vigilance
Persons who live in this Line of Trade at Portsmouth and other
places where old Kings Stores are frequently sold by Auction
generally become the purchasers to cover the fraud and by this
subterfuge when search is made after any of His Majesty's
Stores Articles are shewn as fairly purchased which not unfrequently
have been purloined. It is not easy to ascertain what
number of Persons would take out Licences under the proposed
arrangement but as their is a vast resource for fair Trade
in this Species of Trafic it may safely be presumed that

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