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3. Retail Dealers in Rags and Hand Stuff.

The License proposed in this Instance relates to Dealers by retail in Rags
Hand Stuff and other Materials for making paper &c. These Dealers
are very numerous and as they are mostly fraudulent their Profits are
considerable and wholesale Dealers supply them with ready Money as often
as their collection of Rags or other Articles become worth their attention.
Placing this Class of People under regulations would be of the most Salutary
consequences as their connections are with the lowest and most depraved
orders of the Community.

The Magistrates by being empowered to grant Licences would be able to
prevent reputed Thieves and notorious offenders from following this Trade
as a cover to other practices connected with fraud and depredation; and an
honest livelihood would be created for a Sober and Industrious part of the
Community. The fair part of the Trade in this Kingdom would maintain
at least 4500 Dealers.

4. Dealers in Second Hand Wearing Apparel.

The License proposed in this Instance relates to Dealers in Second
Hand Wearing Apparel Bed Body and Table Linen &c. The depredations
which are committed and the Robberies which take place thro'
temptations held out by this Class of Dealers can scarce be estimated on
account of their immense extent and magnitude. Servants of every Class
and description are tempted to purloin and Steal Wearing Apparel
by the facility they experience in raising Money upon it without any questions
being asked. The fair part of this Trade would support at least ten
thousand Dealers in this Kingdom. The Profits are supposed to be from
50 to 200 P Cent. It is an object of vast importance to Society that this
numerous Class of people Should be put under such regulations as would
prevent that injury which arises from the Trade being chiefly in the
Hands of fraudulent persons.

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