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present nuisances in Society can be affected by these proposed regulations it
cannot with any degree of Justice be urged that any injury can arise from the
provisions of this Bill which are in their Nature mild and Salutary in as
much as no offence against this intended Act is attended with any other
Punishment than a Pecuniary Penalty: And in as much also as the provisions
of the Bill extend only to the object of placing difficulties in the way of
the fraudulent while the honest and fair Dealer is encouraged and protected.
It is not therefore a Bill that can be offensive to any but those whose Object it is
to continue those frauds which have a long time been endured and which are
now meant to be suppressed for the benefit of the Public in the most easy
mild and lenient manner in which it is possible for the Legislature to
put a Stop to such enormities.

Clause 2d: The second Clause of the Bill empowers Justices of the Peace to grant
Licences upon the same principle as the same principle as they are granted
to Victuallers at present. This is one of the best and principle features of the
Bill for unless Magistrates are to be allowed to exercise their usual discretion
in Selecting proper objects who are worthy to be entrusted with Licenses the
great purposes of the Bill would be defeated. Their authority over the Dealers
would not be felt by them and they would degenerate into the same Class
of fraudulent Persons and occasion the same enormities which are experienced
at present. They are of all others the sort of Dealers who should be under the
eye of the Magistracy for on this depends the Due execution of the Act.

Clause 34
These Clauses are a further and material check whereby the proper conduct
of these Dealers is rendered in some measure secure against the frauds
which are meant to be suppressed. They must specify and deliver their
names and Places of abode with the names of their Sureties and they
must also produce a Certificate of their good Fames before they even apply
to Magistrates for a License. and further the must enter into a recognizance
with one Security for their Good and proper conduct in a Penalty of ten
Pounds and before a License is granted the Magistrates must be

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