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completely satisfied that they are proper objects to be intrusted with such License
and as a further Security it is necessary that two Police Magistrates (who are
supposed to Know the character of the Parties from practical information) shall
always be present when such Licenses are granted. The fourth and fifth Clauses
also establish an excellent regulation by obliging the Dealers to paint their
names over their Doors and the Itinerant Dealers to wear Badges and
also the owners of Licensed Carts and Trucks to paint upon them such words
as shall denote what they are. — The Licenses are to be granted by the Magistrates
within the Limits of their respective Jurisdictions or Divisions
in the same manner as Ale Licenses are granted at present and they
are to exercise their discretion in respect to the Persons fit to be intrusted
with Licenses to the full extent at present authorised by Law: And it is
worthy of remark that while these Clauses place the respective Dealers
who are the Object of this Bill under the immediate Guidance of the
Magistrates as the only constitutional authority which can promptly
detect and punish frauds; this very important part of the System (by being
grafted upon Old and long established regulations) is carried into exectution
at once without the least trouble or expence and the License Duty is also by
this means collected by the Clerks now in the detail of doing the same business
in respect to Ale Licenses which secures a correct execution of the
provisions of the Act so far as Respects Revenue and this too without any
expence whatever: —

Clause 9. The 9th Clause of this Bill establishes a regulation which will prove a
material if not effectual check against purloining the Kings Stores or even
any of the property of Individuals which exhibits marks of Suspicion. —
If there are no receivers of Stolen Goods there can be no Thieves — The object of
this Clause is to place every possible difficulty in the way of such receivers
and it must have a good effect where persons shall not only forfeit all
property respecting which they cannot give a good account but pay a
Penalty besides.

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