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This Clause is introduced with a view to the protection of Publicans against
the enormities and extensive depredations which are committed upon them
by persons Stealing their Pewter Pots. This regulation can be no hardship at
all to a fair and honest Dealer; for as all melted Pewter excites with every
degree of probability a strong suspicion of fraud (there being no occasion to melt
it previous to the Sale unless to answer some bad purpose) it will put them
upon their Guard and by thus increasing the difficulty of finding purchasers
for melted Pewter the Pot Stealers will not have any temptation to purloin
what they cannot easily sell without detection. —

Clause 11. Establishes a further regulation against frauds and a pretty complete check
against fraudulent Sellers of any of the Articles of Trade meant to come
under the provisions of this Bill by obliging the Dealers to Keep a book
and to enter the Names and Places of abode of every Person of whom any
considerable Quantity of such Articles are purchased. This when taken in
connection with the subsequent provisions of the Bill will be found to be of
the greatest use. —

Clause 12. This Clause is a continuation of the same System of checks against frauds
and it will prove a very effectual one against all Dealers in Rags who may
attempt to carry on business without a License. — The List of all Persons from
whom Paper Makers purchase Rags will prove an easy and effectual
mode of detection and as every Paper Maker must Keep such a List it is
not probable that any person will attempt to carry on any fraudulent Dealings
As a further check against the Sale of Pewter Pots &c in a melted State this Clause 13.
Clause obliges all Pewterers not only to enter in a Book the names of every
Person from whom they shall purchase any Melted Pewter but also in
Cases where more than 7 lbs are purchased to make an assay thereof
so as to ascertain the Quality whether it is of the Species called Lay-Metal
Trifle or Hard Metal. — This regulation will excite caution and lead to
a detection of fraud for when the Species of Metal is once Known it is
not difficult to find out what Articles have been melted. The Metal for

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