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Instance called Lay Metal being that which is chiefly used for Ale House
Pots the Licensed Dealer having a Quantity of this offered him would know
almost to a certainty that it was fraudulently obtained and would be able to
put a Stop to such practices by the information which his book would
convey to the Inspectors of the names and Places of abode of the Persons selling
such Metal. —

Clause 14. This is a very important Clause in as much as it is meant to cure an evil
of great magnitude namely that of assisting Coiners in uttering bad Money.
A vast number of Men and Women are engaged in these practices at present
in the Metropolis not only in passing bad Silver Coin but Half-pence and
Farthing. — As the Law now Stands no Punishment can be inflicted on
Persons having bad Money in their possession even although they are
Known to be reputed utterers and in the direct pursuit of the object
of cheating and defrauding the Public: there are at present above 600
Individuals whose names are registered in a Book Kept by the Solicitor
of the Mint as having been either taken up or punished for coining and
uttering bad Money. — A great number support themselves in this way:
They must be detected in the act of paying Money away in order to convict
them which from the Tricks and subterfuges which they make use of is
rendered extremely difficult. The Penalties inflicted by this Clause can
only affect actual or reputed utterers of base Money so that while it
takes hold of this mischievous and numerous Class of fraudulent persons
it is perfectly innocent with regard to the Public at large which altho' bad
Money is found which every person may be inadvertently possessed of.
Yet unless such Person is a repted is a reputed utterer or of evil fame
as being also a reputed Thief he cannot be affected by this Clause
which at best inflicts a very mild Punishment yet it is believed that
if Vigilantly executed it will go very far in curing (when taken in
connection with other Clauses of the Bill) a very extensive and growing
evil which has long called aloud for a remedy.

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