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☞ N. B. From accounts which have been taken up it appears that
the Losses of Ale House Keeping runs from £5 to £35
according to the Trade and neighbourhood and some are
as high as £40 or £50 a year.

The above estimate especially that part of it which relates to Metal
and States the Loss of £300,000 a year may be thought at first view
to be eaggerated but it is not withstanding considerably less than the
estimate of the extent to the Depredations which have been found by
intelligent Dealers whose calculations upon the whole are 1/4 more and
the Reason who the writer of these Observations has not adopted the
precise estimate is not because he doubts the truth of it for he has had
but too many reasons in the course of his practice as a Magistrate
as well as his investigation for many Months past (incredible as it
may appear at first view) to believe the aggregate loss to amount to
£800 000 a year and the Reason why he states a Minor Sum is
because he is not sure the operation of the Bill will intirely Annihilate
the evil, which will depend greatly upon the exertion the prudence
and the ability with which the act is executed. – But under all
circumstances it is pretty plain that if this Bill shall pass into a
Law besides the advantages already detailed it will rid the Country of a
Number of Itinerant Jews and fraudulent Persons who will be obliged
to seek an Asylum on the Continent or obtain their future subsistance
by Honest Labour if they continue in this Country.

o conclude – if this Bill shall pass into a Law and be properly enforced
in will unquestionably remove many of the existing and increasing
evils which corrupt the Morals of the lower Orders of the Community
and prevent many of those Crimes which by preying hard upon
the Public from their Extent and Enormity deserve the Serious and
immediate attention of the Legislation.

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