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Queries Answers and Observations on the proposed Bill for more effectually
Securing His Majesty's Stores against embezzlement and for establishing
Regulations for preventing Frauds by Persons Dealing in Second Hand Naval
Stores, Hand Stuff, Rags Iron &c.

Quere A
As has been suggested as a proper measure that nothing relative to the
Kings Stores should be mentioned in the Bills whether in lieu of the present
Title of the Bill the following or something similar should not be adopted viz.

A Bill for the more effectual prevention of Felonies, Larcenys, Embezzlements,
and other Crimes and Misdemeanours and for establishing
certain regulations whereby the sale and Disposal of Stolen Goods
may be rendered more difficult, and the Punishment of Persons
receiving and Dealing in the same, more effectual, than heretofore
and for other purposes lending to the greater Security of the property
of the property of His Majesty's Subjects

Quee B
For the reasons above stated it is suggested that the Preamble should be
changed in the following manner.

Whereas from the great increase of the receivers and purchasers of
Stolen Goods and from the ready means afforded to persons committing
Felonies Larcenys and other Offences the property of His Majesty's
subjects and particularly those residing in the Metropolis and other
populous Cities and Towns within the Kingdom has been subject to
great depredation principally arising from the ready means which
have been held out by the said receivers to every description of Persons
in the Sale of Stolen Goods to the great injury of the Public as well as the
Morals of the Peoples And Whereas these Crimes have been greatly
encouraged and extended by means of certain Dealers in Old or Second
Hand Naval Stores, Hand Stuff, Rags, Old wearing Apparel, Old
Iron, Pewter, Lead and other Metals and also by Persons Keeping
Carts for the purpose of removing and conveying the Several Articles
above mentioned from Place to Place, which Dealers and others
Keeping Carts as aforesaid have greatly increased of late Years and
are Known to be generally the receivers of all Kinds of Stolen Goods
and to occasion thereby great mischief and injury to the Public by

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