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encouraging petty Thefts and embezzlements by menial Servants, Labourers,
Journeymen's Apprentices and others, by means of the immediate Sale which is
obtained at the Shops, Dwelling Houses, Lodging Houses and private apartments
of the Several Dealers herein before mentioned.

And whereas the Inducements so held out to the lower orders of the Community
to commit Larcenys, Felonies, and other Offences, by means of the said Dealers have
been productive of great enormities of which no adequate remedy has been hereto for
applied by Reason that the said Dealers have not been put under proper
regulations for the purpose of preventing such Crimes and for the more
effectual protection of the fair Dealers in the several Articles herein
beforementioned: "For remedy whereof &c." Then take in the whole of the first Clause as contained in Page 2, 3 and 4
<p>Query C
Relative to the propriety of requiring the Persons Licensed to be of good Fame and
reputation and that such Licenses should be granted by Magistrates.

Observations upon this Query

When it is considered that the Parties who are meant to be regulated by
this Bill are composed by that part of the Community who are generally
fraudulent it would seem that an additional degree of Control will
be necessary for the purpose of overawing them in their Dealings and it is
also worthy of consideration whether if some restriction is not established
these Dealers would not consider Licences granted ad libitum as a kind of
authority to continue their frauds with impunity. The object of the Bill is
to refrain and to regulate. Without some restraint the effect of the Bill will
amount to no more than a mere Register of Names, which certainly can
be useful in no greater degree than to convey to Magistrates the Knowledge
of the number of Persons, carrying on those Trades without conveying to
them the power of checking in any material degree their nefarious Practices.
This Idea is suggested principally from a reflection arising from what
has occurred under the Pawnbroker Act where every person let his character
be what it may, on producing the Licence Duty at the Stamp

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