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shall appear upon Proof adducted before the Magistrates upon Oath to be a
Person of evil Fame a reputed Thief a reputed receiver of Stolen Goods or a
reputed coiner or utterer of Base Money.

Quere 1
As to the whole system of Inspectors.


If the Bill shall authorize Magistrates grounded upon the reasoning in
the observation upon Quere C to License the several Dealers to be regulated
it is proposed for the present to give up the whole System of Inspectors

Quere 2
As to the degree of discretion to be exercised in granting Licenses and whether persons
not convinced of any offence should not be intitled to a License on paying for it

Q. 3
This Query is answered on the observation in Query C.
Whether the object of the Kings Stores should not be the subject of a Second


It is believed that the regulations in restraints which are meant to apply to
Persons dealing in Old Naval Stores and Sacking and in Hand Stuff and
Metals will in a great degree protect the Kings Stores and prevent the
fraudulent Purchase and Sale of these Articles and the Licenses upon
Draught and Truck Carts will tend greatly to prevent the removal
of such Articles from Place to Place is however it is thought expedient to
bring in a Bill for more effectually preventing the embezzlement of Stores at
the different dock yards the extension of the Police System or in other words
the establishment of a Public Office at Deptford, Woolwich, Chatham Sheerness,
Portsmouth and Plymouth with two Magistrates at each would
by giving energy to the Law would have a very wonderful effect in checking
if not totally preventing that extensive Pillage at present
prevails. There are also other regulations of a subsidiary nature which
relate to the mode of conveying Stores to and from the different Ships
and also specific Penalties and Punishment to which ought to be applicable
to persons entrusted with the Kings Stores who shall connive at their
Embezzlement all which and many other Regulations applicable to
the Interior of the Dock Yards can be best explained by the Officer

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