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Ready for review. Submitted by Kdownunder

Click Here To Edit <p under the Commissioners of the navy employed in those Yards or by the resident
Commissioner who cannot be ignorant of the extensive Pillage which prevails
and who ought to be competent to the object of suggesting a remedy. If however
it is thought expedient to carry the regulations for protecting the
Kings Stores farther than the present Bill and that any difficulty shall arise
in obtaining proper materials and information from the Commissioners
and Officers of the Navy and Victualling Boards there are means
by which it can be obtained otherways.</p>

Query 4
Whether Lodging Houses should not be included in the same Licences


This would certainly be an excellent regulation of Police and would be
productive in more views than one of much useful regulation beneficial
to the good order and Security of the State. If this Regulation
takes place it would seem that those Houses should be divided into three
Classes each Class paying a different License Duty namely
1st Hotels and Inns Lodging Foreigners and Strangers. To pay a Licence
Duty perhaps of 20 Shilling.
2 d Ale House Lodging Labourers and Workmen &c. ..... 10 Shillings
3 d Private Lodging Houses paying a rent of 25 £ Per Annum and upwards
License Duty of 10 Shillings.
4. Do Rent under £25 Per annum License Duty of s5.

The object of this regulation of a register is Kept and produced to the Magistrates
of the names Trades and descriptions of Persons and Families who shall
Lodge in such Houses would be to convey to the Government of this Country
the most useful and beneficial information immediately connected with a
well regulated Police with this advantage that this Knowledge could be obtained
without injury or Inconvenience to any Person living. In this
way an accurate Knowledge (of infinite use in these times) would be obtained
of every foreigner resident in this Country with their means of livelihood
a Knowledge also of the strangers resorting to the Capital would also
be obtained and what would be of infinite importance information
through this medium would be accessible to the Magistrates in their respective
Districts relative to the Places of residence of reputed Thieves and

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