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idle and disorderly Persons who have been accused or suspected of Crimes
But still more another Species of information would be obtained of infinite
importance for the Government of every Country and particularly of this
Country to be informed of, namely, the number of Labouring People with
their Families who from Indigence Idleness or Profligacy have been unable
to become House Keepers and who live in small apartments furnished
and unfurnished. This Class is supposed to have increased greatly of
late Years and to compose a vast body of People who from the depravity
of their manners have required to be narrowly watched by an active and
vigilant Magistry and no doubt can be entertained but that a
Knowledge of the members and the condition of this numerous Class
of the Community might suggest to the Legislature many useful hints
immediately connected with their happiness and with the benefit
of the State.

Quere 6
Whether there should be any distinction in the License Duty between the
wholesale and retail Dealers and if so whether any more certain or precise
Line can be found than that States in fol: 2 of the Bill


In point of extent of Trade and Capital there is such a marked Distinction
between the wholesale and retail Dealers that it would be absolutely
necessary to preserve that distinction in the Bill and with regard to the
criterion by which that distinction is to be ascertained the only observation
that occurs is that it has been approved of by persons conversant
in those Branches and who do not apprehend any material Fraud or
evasion with regard to the higher or lower License Duty the difference
being so small as not to be an object to any wholesale Dealer to risk the
Penalty. But is not only the increase of License Duty that renders
this Distinction alone necessary the mode of carrying on the Business
at present is a strong reason why the distinction ought to subsist
in as much as it is known that the retail Dealers are generally the
purchasers from the immediate Thieves and that the wholesale Dealers
support the retailers by again Purchasing from them for ready Money

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