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Regulations for Efficting the annexed Plans.

All Horses in Great Britain and Wales should be properly desribed
and entered within a certain time so as to bring the whole of the
People into a regular definition of General Terms to be rised.
Officers may be appointed for districts who shall engage Assisstants
to Register and desribe the Horses at Pr. Schedules Owners paying
Per Horse for such Register who are to receive a fair
Copy thereoff with full instructions for any future entry.

Sellers of Horses should pay and leave with the Buyer for every
Horse Sold and give to the buyer their Name and Place of abode
and also the time they have been in possession of the said Horse
and if the Horse has not been two Years in their possession
they must then give the name and Place of abode of the Person
whom they purchased it of which acct shall be also sign'd
with their name and place of abode and at all Fairs and
such places where the Seller is not known to the Buyer
or to some reputable Person present who must be his voucher
or is not a Licenced dealer in Horses in which case the number
of his Licence shall follow his name and Occupation (such
said Licences being first duly numbered and registered)
in the entry of Sale: that then the Buyer shall enter a full
desription of the Person of the Seller as his height Age
Colour of his Hair Dress &c in addition to his name and
Place of Abode false Entries might be a Misdemeanour
Personating another to defraud is already Felony.

Buyer shall countersign the aforesaid Acct with his name
Occupation and Place of Abode with a proper desription of
the Horse so purchased or exchanged which he shall deliver
folded as a Letter unsealed within three Days after such
Purchase or exchange or within ten Miles of the Place
where such Sale or exchange took place unto to a
Deputy Postman or a Daily receiver of Letters for the
General Post Office with as Register Duty under
Penalty of and forfeiture of the Said Horse
which may be seized as Contraband Goods

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