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Postmasters Deputies and receivers of Letters shall forward
Entries (inserting in each entry the amount of the Duty received
to the Office in London on the same day they received them under
Penalty of

Persons losing Horses shall make out desriptions with their own
Christian and Surname Place of Abode and occupation and
take them to the Postmasters Deputies or receivers of Daily
Letters paying them as register Duty which they the
said Deputy Postmasters and Receivers shall transmit as above
stated to the Office and the Loser of such Horse shall receive
an account when and where such Horse shall have been sold
and who has the said Horse now in their possession on the first
Post following the receipt of the Entry of such Sale and on
the immediate return of Post if such entry may have been
already received.

Licenced Post Horse Masters and dealers in Horses shall on
the application of any Person with the Horse Present (not duly
understanding the regular manner of desribing a Horse) give a
just desription on being paid pence Post Horse Masters and
Dealers in Horses refusing to give such descriptions shall pay
the penalty of

Deputy Post Masters and Receivers of Letters shall make a
Schedule Monthly of all such Horses as are entered with them
affix the same in or on a conspicuous part of their House and
which shall be taken down after and affix'd on the Door
of the Parish Church for Hours on a Sunday for Successive
Sundays under the Penalty of

Deputy post Office Masters shall receive from the Office
Monthly a List of all Stolen Horses not then recovered and
also on one day previous to all Fairs and regular Cattle Markets
and unto all keepers of Toll Books and all Charter'd Fairs
and Monthly Markets and the Chief Constable of the Hundred
wherein any other Fair or Monthly Market shall be held
for Sale of Horses, which Accounts of Horses Stolen they shall

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