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Old Stores – Selling

Under those circumstances it is easy to see the
advantage that may be reaped by a dealer of
the dishonest class, by a connection, direct or
indirect, with an Officer of the dishonest class,
concerned in the making up of the lots, or having
access to , the manner in which they are
made up by others. If it be an Officer on
whom the making up of the lots depends, he makes
up particular for his associate, and gives him
a formation accordingly: if he has no share in the
making of them up, he can at any rate examine
them as they are made up by others, and
point out the best: in either case he may concern
find means, (for means have been found)
to add to the articles which have designed to enter into
the composition of this or that lot, stores which
never were designed for it by any body to whom the
business belonged had been entrusted: in other words
he may steal articles to put into it. This Of
this species of theft examples have actually presented
themselves. New Pipes not designed to be sold has
been clandestinely introduced into a lot made
up of old Cable.

This source of waste and will must
it is evident become still more fertile if by means the
of the sinister interest those created means can be
found of condemning as unserviceable stores that
in reality are fit for service. In point of fact, –
I have often heard it observed (but it rests with those
to whom this paper is submitted to say with what
degree of justice) that whatever be the cause, stores
are actually transferred with too great facility and in
too great abundance from the class of serviceable class to that of the unserviceable.

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