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Old Stores – Selling

In the of commercial concerns of individuals,
the business of factorage is carried on
upon such terms, as by universal experience are
found to be in a very tolerable degree adequate
to their intended purpose. There seems to
be no peremptory objection against the making
the experiment at least, of the selling disposing of the
cast off the government stores upon the same
principle, and upon the same or nearly the same terms.

In the case of the private Factor The allowed and avowed emolument or recompense,
as allowed given to him in such a manner
as to give him an evident and proportionable interest
in the disposing of the property to the best advantage
possible – in the establishing in the strongest
manner the connection between interest and duty.
By dishonest practices means, it is certainly possible, and
wha sometimes happens, that a man may seek/rule
and on this or that particular occasion promote
his own interest meaning his own pecuniary
interest in opposition to his duty and to the prejudice
of the party for whom he is in trust his employer. The should embezzle the article out right: or he and thus make per cent: or he may sell it for no more than half what it is worth, to some dishonest purchaser, sharing the advantage with such purchaser, & thus make 25 per cent instead of 8. But
to prevent him from this there are restraints, which
happily are in general found effectual and when
they prove otherwise, it is not in virtue of the
arrangement or mode of payment which forms the essence of the contract
between him and his employer, bt in spite of it,
if he were employed on other terms, if he were
paid nothing for his service or if his pay did
not rise in proportion to the price produced by it.

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