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Mercantile men, managing concerns that are
their own and in which the profit and loss is
their own, and with that sort of anxiety which
eternally accompanies the care a with

which a man watching over his own, have are such regular
modes of Book-keeping, as made shewn into at all times,
what became of every thing article that comes into
their hands. It is their custom to take stock
as the phrase is once at least in every year, that is of to examine
the stock actually in hand, which in as
far as the entries in the Books are correct adequate, will
will agree exactly with the ballance in i:e:
the difference between the entries and receipts as given
in the Books.

In a system of Book-keeping the entries (to answer the purpose
of a check) must be sufficiently detailed.

2. Compleat so as to omitt nothing, and correct
containing no false statements on any pretence
that the bill system of all this as but a dead
letter without frequent and all-comprehensive surveys whereby the
existing ballance as evidenced by the senses is compared
with the alledged balalnce – as narrated in the
remitting from the difference between the receipts &
expences as stated and narrated in the Books.
If the accuracy of Book-keeping and frequency of Survey
be as such as the case requires such as is
general among private merchants and manufacturers
and such as is still more necessary and important
in the present case in proportion to the superior magnitude
of the subject scale; the amount of the depredation in
each pla dock-yard will not in each year will not
be matter of conjecture, but matter of record. Wheth This
far this is actually the case, is not what the writer of this paper has no access but the respectable authorities to whom it is submitted have perfect access, to know

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