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The repression of Smuggling – perhaps even the Suppression
of habitual Smuggling might be among
the fruits of he provision made in relation to
Unavowed-Employment Hands.

Under the existing order of things – in the
existing state of things the law – some of the most
unexceptionable as well as productive of our taxes
are forced to be stop at a pitch far short of
wha they ight oherwise be carried up to without
incre any preponderable inconvenience least the lest
because if carried higher the profit to be made by
violating the law would outweigh the utmost value
which, under the accumulated uncertainties to which
the execution of the law is exposed, could be given
to the danger: in few words because, in a word, the profit would be
sufficient to pay for insurance against the danger.

The root of this uncertainty lies almost entirely
in the imperfections imperfections, originating in humanity, terminating in bloodshed and barbarity; and rendering the criminal law in its whole texture contexture a deplorable mixture of atrocity and importance of the law. The branch relative
to evidence in particular is being composed of a set of
rules not less at variance with one another, and
even with themselves, than they are with with the interests of truth
and justice.

The punishment is in general the remnant, or
the imitation copy of antique barbarity: but as to every thing for what is
antecedent to execution, the criminal law shews in
all cases
as if it had been in all cases what it actually
has been in some cases, the work of the very delinquents
against whose offences it was levelled.

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