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Principal Particular Subjects of instruction, principally such branches of
knowledge or art as exhibit the grounds and reasons of the several
branches of economy carried on in the establishment: the general
instruction applied all along to the particular processes actually employe'd. – These branches are 1. Read Reading. 2. Arithmetic
(the two necessary inlets to all the rest) 3. Natural
history in all its several branches. 4. Chemistry. 5. Mechanicks
and 6. Geometry i Land-surveying included: all of them so far, and so far only, as is necessary conducive
to that the above in view purpose. Applications of the theological cast will render them these subordinate instructions the more suitable to the main purpose of the day. Prints, models or specimens,
of the several subject-matters, according to their nature –
implements of instruction, all of them addressing themsleves
to sense – might take place of the uninstructive prints and imitations
toys and playthings, usually put into the hands of children. It is whereinstated
originals are inaccessible that
Imitations have
their use, where origin in as far as origins originals
are inaccessible, or can not in equal numbers be and
for a constancy be subjected to one view. Instructions,
such as can be conveyed either by letters or graphical imitative
representations, should be digested as much as possible may
be into the form of Tables, printed on but one side of the paper,
and matching, though not necessarily equal, in point of size.

Towards the close of that the apprenticeship – that is at
the approach of the period in which they the individual will be committed
to their his own governance. 9. Of medical knowledge (i:e:
of the sciences explanatory of the structures, functions, and
disorders of the human body) enough to render explain give
the rationale of a set of prophylactic instructions: instructions
guarding against accidents, practices, habits immediately or remotely
productive of disease. 10. Medical knowledge more at large, as applied to to admit child other domestic animals. 11. Of moral instruction
what may serve to explain to plan the nature and the mischief
of the several sorts of pernicious acts practices,
which they are he will have been so little if at all exposed either
to fall into or to be a sufferer by, during that his continuance
in those seats of tranquillity and innocence.

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