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Such instruction as is expre conveyed either by
or representation ought to be digested
as much as may be into the form of Tables. The ad

Note (5) to p.7.

(5) Advantages resulting from the use of tables not numerous.
1. They facilitate comparison between as between object and
object, among the objects of which they are composed: evi make
chance to be the better and better understood, as their several prints
of conformity and discrepancy identity and diversity are perceived: and
eff give occasion and facility to the most rapid and diversified combinations. 2. They serve all along to mark the progress of the
learner, and shew the proportion between the ground he
has conquered mastered and that which remains yet to be subdued.
3. They circumscribe the immensity of the subject, and
animate the exertions of the learner, by shewing him
from the first the period of his labours.

In the course Where the quantity of instruction to be
conveyed is so great that no one table or practicable number
of tables will ser contain the whole of it, a table
will serve at any rate as perform the office of a syllabus or text. Tables
therefore, where they do will not present the whole of the instruction,
will at least present the limits of it.

The collection of tables would serve to cause form a proper covering for the walls
of the Ward in which the contents of them were to be taught.
The subjects would they be familiar to the learner by being Subjects that elsewhere might be abstruse, will thus be familiar
constantly present to the view. here, by being constantly under view.

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