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Swimming is an admirable exercise in as far as profit can be
dispensed with: it is subservient to health, general
development of strength, security fiz: against drowning a frequent cause
of death, and amusement. In as far as decency
can be provided for, there is no sort of reason why
one sex should be debarred from it more than another.
The only imperfection attending it is that the pleasurable use of it
is in some measure limited by season. The day
consecrated to religion by occupying one part with
devotion, and excluding profit-yielding employment
from the rest, is peculiarly adapted to all useful of
occupations that are not profit-yielding: and here
both for its own sake and for the as ancillary to
devotion, amusement should play as full a part
as possible: but at no time, in no instance perhaps
in need it or ought it engross any portion of the
time wholly to itself. This is the day, this one day
out of the seven, for the culture of the mind. Idleness,
mere inaction – mere negation absence of all occupation never
can have been engrossed by true religion nor can be
subservient conducive to any good purpose. The persons confined
for six days out of the seven to sedentary occupations,
exercise on the seventh is what is rest to is to persons
confined during those days to ambulatory and other
athletic occupations. Cessation for the time from profit-yielding
occupations is a necessary condition to the
employment of a given portion of time in devotion
or other ways: so far as the time is employ'd filled up in those
other ways by useful or at least innocent occupations
so far cessation from profit-yielding occupations the institution of the sabbath may
be made subservient to morality and other useful purposes:

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