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Topics for discussion – God save great George our
King an anchor to the constitution. On this reason With a view to this object among others might it not be worth while so to
contrive order matters that from the commencement of the Hanoverian
dynasty the King of Great Britain should always
be a George – as for during a certain period the King of Egypt
always was a Pharaoh? With or with an
object of this nature, in France it actually was con had been
so ordered for w near two centuries that the King should
be a Louis. But Unfortunately the O Richard were thus
(besides that England is not France nor Richard
Louis) was too modern and too long-winded to stand
against the Ça iva and Marseilles hymn.

I cast myself on this occasion upon the candour
of those to whose eyes the abolition of the monarchical part
of the constitution may present itself or what seems to be is perhaps
the same thing in other words – what is seems to meant by what is called a Parliamentary
reform, presents itself in the character of an improvement:
they will probably admitt that it is not in
this essentially dependent this civil any more than any further religious class that the reformation should
originate: and that how desirable soever a new code of
constitutional law might be, a chapter on the management
of the Poor would not be a proper place for its appearance.

If the arguments in favour of republicanism are so
decisive as they have been supposed to be clear as they are said to be – sooner or later
they will be embraced by the enlightened part of the nation
the directors of the company will join in conducting or
in swimming with the stream what is now loyalty will be treason – God save the King
will be prohibited made and the Marseilles hymn localised
will take its place. But tell them it may serve
at any rate as a temporary instrument of peace and quietness:
and may being against enemies and of as well as
Kings, it may help keep the French out in the mean
time, and prevent them from running away with robbing us of the glory as well as profit of reform.

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