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On this subject as on most others strange notions have gone been abroad
entertained into the world: – that nothing in a mind is better
than any thing: or that of something must be there
that something will be better supplied by chance negligence
than by design: – for that or if as if Fortune were Wisdom's
advantageous substitute, or secret guide.

But nothing will not keep its hold in any
mind. Howsoever it be in physical space Be it as it may with space, nature
will not suffer a vacuum endures no vacuum in minds but. The
mind is a that field in which if man sow not wheat, so sure as man sows not
wheat so sure will the Devil be to sow taxes.
the Devil will sow taxes.

Another strange if another it may be termed notion has been entertained –
the notion of as if there were a repugnancy between morality
and letters: as if the health of the affections and
moral faculties depended upon the actions or a morbid state
or the inanition of the intellectual.

Letters it has been said may be an instrument
of fraud: so may bread, if discharged from the
mouth of a cannon, be an instrument of death,
so may every thing whatever is good in physic be converted into
poison. In every line Use and abuse are as inseparable as they
are repugnant hostile: the question in every case is
which accords most best with practice experience and probability,
the use or the abuse.

Though fraud were frequently frequent in the
train of letters, even thus they might do good service.
Fraud is by accident the growth of cultivated minds:
but violent violence is much more certainly the
growth of the uncultivated. Fraud, in proportion as
it spreads takes place of violence: and to public

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