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Convicts under Sentence of Transportation.

Your Committee have in the next Place analyzed the Papers which have been laid before
them, relative to the numbers, Expense of Maintenance, and Value of Labour performed by the
Convicts now on Board the Hulks or confined in the different Gaols of the Kingdom under Sentence
of Transportation.

It appears that the total number of Persons actually confined under Sentence of Transportation
(exclusive of such if any as may be in the Gaols of Southampton, Fife and Kinross from which no
returns have as yet been made) amount to 1864, of which 1449 are aboard the Hulks and
415 in the Different Gaols.

That the Average number of Persons maintained for the whole of the Year 1797 on
Board the Hulks at Portsmouth and at Langston Harbour, was — — — — 894
The Average number on Board the Stanislaus Hulk at Woolwich — — — — 220
The Average number on Board the Prudentia Hulk at Ditto — was — — — 288
The total Average for 1797 — — — — — — — — — — 1402

It appears that the Total expence of maintaining this Average number of Persons on Board £ s D
the Hulks for the whole year 1797, amounted to — — — — — —32,080 — —
To this Expence must be added the Amount of the Allowances made by the Board of
Ordnance to the convicts employed by them at Woolwich — — — — — — 102 " 7 " 6
Do at Portsmouth and Langston Harbours — — — — — — *1,209 2 7 10 3/4

And also the Amount of the Articles supplied by the Navy Boards to such Convicts
as were employed under their Authority in this Year — — — — 186 " 9 " 6
And the Total expence will have been for 1797 — — — — — — — — 33,578 " 14 " 10 3/4

Comparing the Average number maintained with the Total Expence incurred in the Year
and it will appear to be at the rate of £23.19s per Head per Annum of which £22" 10s"0d is the
Contract Price at the rate of 14d1/2 per Day.

The Remainder Consists of the Allowances above mentioned to those who are employed and of
Incidental Charges, the Nature of which will be seen stated, with regard to Woolwich in the Appendix

It is observable here that the Contract Price made in the Year 1792 was only 13d 1/2 per Day, as
appears by the Accounts and Papers printed by the Order of the House on the 10th and 26th of March
1792. The increased Price of all the necessaries of Life which has taken Place since that Period,
appears of itself to afford a natural reason for that increase.

It appears further to your Committee that the Labour performed by the Convicts at Langston
and Portsmouth Harbour in the Year 1797 reckoning it by the Day is estimated £ s. D
by the Contractor at — — — — — — — — — — — — ⱡ 9.224 " 13 " 8
And that performed at Woolwich during the same Period at — — — — — 6.578 " 4 " 7
Together - 15, 802 " 17 " 10

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* This Sum of £1809 " 1s " 10d 3/4 is obtained by Computation from the preceeding and following Sums, compared with
the numbers employed at the respective Places. It should seem from a return since made from Portsmouth (Appendix
A.14) that this Sum may have been over stated: It can hardly however be supposed that £9 " 11 s " 9d for Tools and £10 " 8s
for Aprons (tho' in the Conception of the Officer making the Return the only Expence of this Sort necessary to be specified)
is in Fact the only Expence which has been incurred there is supplying 618 Men with all the Implements which were
necessary to keep them constantly employed throughout the Year while we acc £186 " 19s " 6d expended by the Navy
Board for similar purposes, in employing no more than 200 Men for the same Period in the Dock Yard at Woolwich. —

An addition must still also be made for the Tools furnished to 160 Men employed on an Average throughout
the Year at the Warren at Woolwich.

ⱡ By (A.14) since received it appears that the Officers of the Ordnance value this Labour at only — — —£ s D
7.784 " 8 " 0
Being a Difference of — — — — — — — — — — — 1.440 " 5 " 3
£9.224 " 13 " 3

There is also a Difference of about £35 on the Contractors estimate of the Value of the Labour performed in the Dock
Yard at Woolwich, compared with the Estimate of the Navy Board. The two sums taken together Amount to a
Difference of more than £1 per Man on the whole number of Convicts on Board the Hulks namely 1449. See. (§§ 8.
and 11.)

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