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Bills probability

Years. In 1796 the amount of that supply is about £55166
in 1797 not above £18823, little more than a
third: yet in 1797 the numbers sent out are
393 instead of fewer being smaller are much greater than
in 1796: as much as 37 393 is than 279. The
scantiness of the supply can no from hence
can not have had for its cause the known abundance
in the Colony: for as to live stock there
will be none to kill for some time to come, and
as to grain it is only because the Colony would not yield
enough for any greater number that no greater
number was has been all along sent: besides that the comparative
scantiness applies to tools and clothing, as well
as to the other heads.

The encrease in the Official Establishment,
Civil and Military, may perhaps account in
some degree for the amount of the encrease in
the amount of Bills. The Civil has encreased
from £2,877.10s, to £5,523.10s:—the Ministry
from £6857 to £16,906. If While this fix common
and naturally fixed expences, remain fixed the expences of
the establishments, remain fixed, the natural result
is that under any encrease of number among
the convicts, the rate of expence per convict
should be diminished: but this ground of expectation
fails, if those naturally fixed expences if the establishments are
to go on encreasing likewise, But nor have the numbers
of the Convicts kept pace with the encrease in those expences, nor do they do not seem to be in a way
of encreasing, at least for some time to come. This encrease
in the establishments seems to have had for its cause the

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