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New South Wales

Colony price to be given me I could give to an
equal number a qualification for Parliament,
and still be a great gainer. I assume that
one in ten is much more than can return
at present. On this supposition if on the
ground of my so many years acquired experience of each man's
desperation, I were to be admitted to recommend
the candidate for mercy, let mercy be extended
to one in ten every year, and for every one thus
pardoned I would not only stand security to the
amount of £100, but give £100 a year to the
fund of which I have already laid the foundation
the fund of for the indemnification of sufferers
by felony. For If fortune as at present, were
thought the better arbiter, that all men as at present
might have their hope, I would establish
a lottery of no more than nine blanks to a
prize, and liberty with a hundred a year
should be the prize. This would be a new but
rather improved mode of declamation. I see no
end to the changes that might be run upon
this theme: options ridiculous in themselves, but
any one of them productive of serious benefit in
comparison of the plan of keeping up a Colony
for Convicts at the Antipodes. Were that to be
given up, and an expence of £125,000, or
£130,000 a year thus set loose, there is no
end of the lot of preferable uses that might be made
of the money, in the way of purchased security
or any other.

£44 a year or thereabouts
I understand to be the Colony
price—that is the price
which it costs to keep a
convict in the Colony.

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