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Short Heads of a Bill
For the more Effectual prevention of depredations on the River Thames

Sec 1st – General preamble – power to His Majesty to Establish a police office at or
near Wapping new Stairs under the name of the Thames Police Office. Three
justices to sit Constantly under the name of Special Justices – Page 1

Sec: 2d Provisions of the Police Act (32 Geo. 3 Cap 53) extended to this Police Office – 2

Sec. 3 Power to Special Justices to appoint Suspend and dismiss Office Ship & Beat
Constables – 4

Sec. 4 Power to Special Justices to appoint Suspend and dismiss Police Surveyors
with the power of Constables. Power to the Lord Mayor of London and
Aldermen and Trinity house to dismiss such Constables and Surveyors – 5

Sec. 5 Expences – what to be defrayed out of the Office Fund and what out of a
Guard Fund to be formed by Tonnage duties levied on 28 Classes of Trades. – 6

Sec. 6 – Commissions for Assessing the said duties and for other Functions one to
be chosen by & out of each Class – 10

Sec. 7 Meetings: General and Special of the Commissioners – adjournments – Quarterly
Sufficient – Casting Vote &c. – 13

Sec. 8 Commissioners to fill up their own Number – 16

Sec. 9 Commissioners may vary the Rate preserving the proportions and never
raising more than £14464..16..4 adding deficiencies and deducting
surpluses of Former years – 17

Sec. 10 The Table of rates may be departed from to avoid Fractions for less than
a ton nothing to be paid – 18

Sec. 11 One Sixth of said duties to be paid by Ship owners and 5/6 by Shippers &
Consignees – 20

Sec: 12 Commissioners may appoint Collectors Treasurers Cashiers & Auditors
– Auditors may Examine upon Oath –21

Sec. 13 Special Justices may call meetings of the Commissioners to obtain imprests
for the Cashier – 22

Sec. 14 No Ship to enter or clear without such Collectors Certificate for the payment
of said duties – 25

Sec. 15 Master Lumpers to be licenced by the Commissioners or Special Justices – 27

Sec. 16 Working Lumbers to be registered in the Lumpers list book – 28

Sec. 17 Commissioners may regulate dresses &c of Lumbers and others employed
in loading or unloading Ships, – also the dresses of Surveyors and Constables
penalty on their assuming dresses so appropriated – 29

Sec. 18 Lumpers quitting work may be dealt with as under 6 Geo 3 Cap: 25 – 33
Sec. 19

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