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Sec. 19. at Commissioners may make regulations for the Government of Lumpers – Page 36

Sec. 20 Lumping Contracts particularized under heads to be registered in the
Lumping Contract book kept at the Office. Penalty for false declaration – 37

Sec. 21 Ship Masters to give in to the Special Justices the names therein and abodes
of Lumpers Coopers Watermen and Lightmen employed by them
Penalty for neglect – 38

Sec. 22 Ship Masters to keep Fastened up all Avenues to the Hold but one
and that too when goods are not discharging – 40

Sec. 23 Special Justices may at the Instance of the Owners of the Ship or
Owner or Consignees of Goods Station Ship Constables on board on Certain
times – 42

Sec. 24 Power to Thames Police Surveyors to visit Ships – 45

Sec. 25 Ship Masters and Master Lumpers to Search working Lumpers
– Offences to be delivered to a Constable – Penalty on Master Lumper
for Neglect besides being Answerable for Specific loss – 46

Sec. 26. Misdemeanor to carry or Suffer to be carried Coals from Ships –
Offender may be apprehended – Coals Seized how to be disposed of – 49

Sec. 27 Commissioners may appoint Tickets without which a lighter
navigated at night may be Seized and the Crew apprehended and
Convicted of a misdemeanor. Penalty for forging &c such Tickets – 52, 53, 54, & 55

Sec. 28 Penalty for Injuring packages and letting out their Contents – 56 & 57

Sec. 29 Commissioners may appoint Wharf Inspectors with the power of
Constables – 58 & 59

Sec. 30 Commrs at the owners Instance of Owners and Consignees of goods may
appoint Warehouse Inspectors, to prevent Waste and depredation in
sampling goods &c. – 60 to 64

Sec. 31 Commissioners at the Instance of Owners and Consignees of Goods may
appoint Ship Inspectors to prevent Waste &c by Spillings draings &c

Sec. 32 Penalty for having concealed Instruments for drawing Off Liquors

Sec. 33 Powers of Search, Seizure and Arrest on view in respect of Goods
Clandestinely taken from Ships, Boats, landing places and Warehouses.
The Offence a misdemeanor – Goods Seized how to be disposed of – Boats
so Employed may be restored to the Owners –

Sec. 34 Misdemeanor to throw goods overboard to prevent discovery– how may
be apprehended –

Sec. 35 Power of Search &c on Warrant at a Supposed Receivers who not
proving how he came by the Articles may be Convicted of a misdemeanor

Sec. 36 Penalty for abricating false Bills of parcels to Cover Suspected Goods –

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