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been prevented from taking effect, had it not been
for anonymous information. – Was there any harm
in the prevention of the Gunpowder plot? This depends
upon the practice of the party who is to
judge of it. None in the judgment intimation of the Parliament
who were to have been sacrificed blown up
– none in the estimation of any Parliament which
has succeeded it, or any which is likely to succeed
it: – but a good deal in the estimate of Guy
Fawkes, even though disappointment only and
not punishment had been the consequence.

So again although a crime has actually already
been committed – Your horse which had
been stolen, and was abandoned by the thief
on his being pursued is now in such a
pound – No harm in such that information so
far at least – But suppose it to go on, and
say – the horse has the thief's saddle on, and
the name of the Sadler who sold it to him – and
suppose that in of by following up this clue, the
thief were discovered, apprehended, convicted,
punished – even thus the harm done by the
information anonymous as it is supposed to be
does not appear to be very great. – But it is
needless to multiply cases where anonymous information
may be harmless, when there are none
in which it can be mischievous, except those in which
it is at the same time false and acted upon as true,
and that in such a manner as to be productive bring
down punishment or other suffering upon the head of
one who is altogether innocent of any such offence as
that with which he is thus charged.

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