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Servants embezzling

s§ 1.
Felony to counterfeit
the Copper
Coin of the Realm.
p. 1, 2, 3.

§ 2
Felony to make,
buy, sell of have
any tool for counterfeiting
do. p. 3, 4.

§ 3
Felony under this &
the recited Acts, transportable
for years.
p. 4, 5.

§. 4
Money from having
an for

Engines for cutting
blanks in metals
or stamping metals
to be registered
on pain of £50.
p. 5, 6

§ 5
Fees for Registration
and Certificate
thereof. p.6

§ 6
Fees for searching
the Register, and
obtaining Extracts.
Penalty for refusing
Search or Extracts.
p. 7.

---page break---

§ 7
Misdemeanour to
alter counterfeit
Coin. p.7.

§ 8.
Powers for of searching
and seizure on Warrant for tools
and implements for
counterfeiting Copper
or other coin of
this realm. p. 8, 9, 10.

§ 9
Powers for to Constables
Beadles &
Watchmen for
seizing counterfeit
British or Foreign
Coin and the possessors
thereof – Possessors
convictable of a misdemeanour.
Imprisonment in default
of payment.
Coin to be delivered
to the Sollicitor of
the Mint. p. 11, 12, 13.

§. 10
Putting off counterfeit
coin at an
under rate, felony.
p. 13.

§ 11
Felony without Clergy
if a person employ'd
in the Mint steals
or embezzles the Coin,
Bullion, or filings
&c. p. 13, 14.

§ 12
Pecuniary Penalties
recoverable before one
Justice.+ + £50 by §. 4. Imprisonment
in default of Distress
– Appeal to
Sessions. p. 14, 15.

---page break---

§ 13
Penalty for non-appearance
on the part of a witness
p. 15, 18.
No application.

§ 14
Power for reducing
the Penalties to one
half. p. 16.

§ 15
Rewards to apprehenders & prosecutors
&c to be paid by
Sheriffs on Correction
and Certificate
from the
Judge. p. 16, 17.

§ 16
Power to the Treasury
to issue money for
expences of Prosecuting
Offences relative
to the Copper
Coin. p. 18, 19, 20.

§ 17
Limitation of Actions.
General Issue
Treble Costs. p. 21

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