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The act or process of manufacturing is distinguishable
into as many different operations acts as there are
operations which it may happen to the mass of matter in question
may to be subjected to, from its state of original
rawness or crudity to the state in which it is first
uttered. But of these acts none can with propriety
(i:e: consistently with the regard due to innocence),
nor even with effect be invested by the law with the
stamp of criminality, unless except such as are
accompanied with the two criminative circumstances
above mentioned.

The more numerous and diversified they are
(such of them be it always remembered as are or
can be made to be accompanied with the above criminative
circumstances) the better, because the more
exposed to detection: – the better, were even if the different
acts in each instance were the acts of confined to the same
hands: – still more, in as far as they are the acts
of different hands: the greater the number of different
acts, the greater the assemblage of concomitant evidentiary
circumstances by which they are exposed
to betray themselves in spite of every thing that can
be done in favour of criminal concealment by criminal fidelity and prudence:
the greater the number of different hands,
the greater the number of chances in favour of
useful treachery and imprudence.

In the tracing out the several separate links in
a chain or fluxion of acts or transactions thus connected is one of
the resources of what may be termed indirect legislation: to
create proofs of the criminative consciousness above spoken of, or even to give
birth to the perception
itself, is another,
but of this a little
farther on.

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