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5. That, according to the custom of this Society, established by5. That, in respect of recovering possession of the said Chambers
Your Petitioner, as he has been informed and believes is, according to
some decision as Your Petitioner has been informed and believed
or decisions of some Court or Courts in Westminster
Hall, Your Petitioner is at Common Law without remedy
in the premises
without remedy at Common Law, nor has any means of recovery its recovering
possession of the premises, the same, otherwise than by the imposition
of the Honourable Bench.

6. That, under the particular circumstances of
the case, which, Your Petition out of respect of the time
of the Honourable Bench and for other considerations
he forbears for the present, and hopes not to be obliged
to state, Your Petitioner is seriously apprehensive of
seeing this part of his property become a burthen to him
instead of a benefit.

7. That it is not without great reluctance, nor till after
repeated notice given to the said Mr Fonblanque of the
intention so to do, and for the last time by letter, in
which the day of the date hereof was mentioned as he
day resolved on for this purpose (the receipt of which letter has been
acknowledged by letter from the said Mr Fonblanque)
that Your Petitioner could resolve upon an order
making in application the receive of which can
not (he is sensible) but be matter of great much concern to
the Honourable Bench: but, having no other remedy
he finds himself constrained then to be a suitor to
the Honourable Bench. for their interposition in
such effectual manner, as to their wisdom and action may
appear most suitable to the nature of the case.

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