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9 July 1807

Alas, my Lord, how intractable is moral, compared
with physical nomenclature! terminology! With the example and
force of Linnæus before my his eyes, how have I behold a feeble
amateur, being reduced to the hard necessity of adopting diffuse and verbose and
the diffuse and of description of doomsday nomenclature mode of descripti designation employed by King and .

Had I had the nerves and the authority as well as together with the
means of the illustrious Swede I could have painted
with species
To the illustrious Swede his words would have sufficed for
the abridged of each species, as few dots
served serve I forget what amongst ingenuous lawyer still among us, for characterizing
the human countenance. He would thus have To this purpose, as to all others, this force would have
managed his force with as much ease occasioned him no more embarrassment, than as if they had been
but so many apes or tigers.

Taking Harfax for the generic name of the malâ fide Plaintiff, the trivial names of the those species might have been H. extermius 2. H. Grievis: 3. callidus
Taking Stellir after Justineus for the generic name of the D malâ
fide Defendant, the trivial names of the five of the
species might have stood thus: – 1 Stellis superlious divis; 2
S. tenax; 3. S. sparsorius disapatorius; 4. S. confidius or fortnicola; 5. S. ivacundus.

In regard to the 6th species, he would have the had it been a plant, it
found his choice vibrating between Stellis Grantius, and Stellis
lanningius, as in case of a plant it might had it been a plant that wanted god-fathers,
the chosen lot be might have vibrated or remained suspended between Banksia and
Solanderia, while those illustrious at a time when these now immortal names remained as yet
uncanonized, being what it is not a plant but a species of the tribe
of five anthropomorphic a competition alike difficult to decide contest no less difficult of decision
might would be maintained by between two powerful amateurs cognoscenti, no less conspicuous celebrated
for having been the amateurs, from whom on a memorable trying occasion
the species not to or discovered or by either of them,
received from both the most effectual protection that enigmatic and fostering care
as well as careful nurture.

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