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5 Novr 1807

5. Under the authority of the Court, for collection arrangement and publication of the judicial
returns information, as well as for the framing of the set of heads under
direction of the Court
an Inspector General of Judicial Returns. Judiciary
correspondence to be carried on by him under general directions
to be framed by the Court. Cases to be provided for specified in which the
business shall not be done without the special concurrence of the
Court as signified expressed by the signatures of the majority of the Ministers:
ex. gr. 1. Commissions for taking evidence as above; 2. Questions
or other precepts addressed to any instrument of which the tenor of the
person signing has not had actual congnizance.

6. Correspondence for the purpose to be carried on gratuitously
through the medium of the post: the instruments might for that in that
purpose view be sent open as newspapers. This would No charge
would thus be made imposed in this branch of the revenue: the correspondence
being such as would not otherwise take place.

7. 8. On occasions in which by devulgation, reputation might be suffer to an
undue degree by devulgation, (as in some cases of conviction &c)
provision for concealment of the persons, at the discretion of the Court,
by blanks or names avowedly . Instructions to
the Court to have regard to vexation from the source, as also from
the unnecessary of pecuniary circumstances.

8. 7. Abstracts of the information thus collected to be framed by
the Inspector General, ranging the matter the matters being ranged under general heads, and
periodically annually printed and published – for the information not only of
Parliament but of the public at large. Under simple heads
comparison to be made between year and year, as in East India

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