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☞ To be printed as a title page to an 8vo volume.

Pauper Management improved:
viz by the application
particularly by means of an application
of the Panopticon principle of construction.

Ao 1797, first published in Young's Annals of
now published separately.

☞ Ao 1802. These papers were translated and the translation During the Consulate, a translation of these papers
was made and during the Consulate of the Es
published by the French Government, under the
direction of M. Du Quesnor, Mayor of one of the
twelve Arrondissement of Paris: and in divers instances soon after which the suggestions the suggestions contained in it were,
in divers instances to an extent more or less considerable, put to use.

In June 1811, this work, together with those
others by the same Author, relative to the management
of Convicts or other persons maintained at the public
charge, having been laid upon the Table of the House
of Commons Committee on Penitentiary Houses, is referred
to in the Appendix to their Report of that same date.
by Jeremy Bentham of Lincolns Inn, Esquire.
Sold by Robert Baldwin, Pater Noster Row,
and James Ridgway, Piccadilly. Price 6s.

☞ To Printer to be printed as the back of the title Page
Extract Preface to the French translation published at
Paris Ao 1802

Avis De L'Editeur
L'ouvrage que je public se recommande tellement par le
nom de son auteur, qu'il est inutile d'nieter particulierement l'attention de ceux qui ne regardent pas sans

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