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1820 June 26
II. Conservation
Law – relation to

Not among the least curious results of the Auto-Icon
institution would be the relation that could capable of having
place between it and the law of the land: it say the legal
system, including this not so highly discordant element of
the law as it is, or as it might be said to be, and
Law as it ought to be. Supposing it fertile in the subject
matters of litiscontestation, and thence in the sort of evil
so denominated, this topic of would not be the one to
which this question would be found to belong: – the question that is to say concerning the aspect of Auto Iconism
to the law of England, and of the law of England to Auto Iconism
this means good effects: and whatsoever has place in the way shape
of litiscontestation – (need it be said?) is a bad effect – is evil
evil physical and moral in one of the worst shapes it is possible for evil to assume.

First, on the ground of Common Law Here we should have a new of subject matter of
property: taken, as i were like an aero-lette from the clouds.
Unreal and or real – by under which of those two hands will our learned Gentleman place it. The Rome bred
Gentlemen there would be would have no such difficuty: Moveable and Immoveable,
those are the species if they out of the
genus, in this there would be no difficulties: that is the distinction
pointed out by Common sins. But here the English lawyer
would find himself at him: in his chance: at compleat
liberty to give the thing treasure trove to Plaintiff or Defendant whichsoever it best
suit his purpose to give it. It would The question would be
Be the question about library property, this same question would bear
some resemblance.

The Post obit several sorts of Post-obituary Representation
– what is relative to it shall be their respective interests in it? In default
of a last Will to whom shall it belong? to the Hon. successors to the
real Estate, or to the next of kin? But, forasmuch as the
value of this subject matter of property would be destroyed by , thereupon
would come the question,
among those next of
kin to which should it

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