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Your Committee forbear to enlarge upon those
contingencies by which the utility or prosperity
of the establishment may be diminished, or the
expence of it encreased: bad seasons and destruction
of to the vegetable part of the stock of food – mortality
among the as yet scanty stock of cattle: destruction
mischief by from the natives, by insurrection among the
convicts, or from the enemy: Here, as at Sierra
Leon, wanted malice may produce an expedition of devastation: the illusions to which the
spirit of rapine is so much exposed may even
beget give birth to an enterprize of depredation. Apprehension
of any such event entertained here would necessarily
give birth to preparations of defense. The
apprehensions may be well or ill grounded. The
measures taken for defence successful or unsuccessful:
but the expence in the meantime is
incurred. The distance is unexampled: and
all dangers as well as all expences swell in
proportion to the distance. All these are topics
which Your Committee are altogether unprepared
to scrutinize into with effect: but they
are such as appear to merit consideration, and
which as yet have not all of them perhaps received
quite so much consideration as they seem to require claim.
Such as they are it becomes the evidence of Parliament
and of Administration to look them in the face.

Supposing abundance established, and remaining
for ever without disturbance, it may again be deserving
of consideration, in what shape and in what
degree, and with what degree of assurance government
in point of finance is likely to profit by the abundance:
for the stock of the settlers individuals, which each man individual
will consume, lay up or sell, on his own account, is
not the stock of Government. The saving to government
depends upon the probity and zeal and intelligence of
Bailiffs in husbandry, acting without personal interest in
the concern, at that immense distance.

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