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The substantive preferring
Instead of an adjective
a verb use
an adjective with with
the substantive principle
attached to it.
For add say make
For attend say give
or pay attention.
By this change we
have a word susceptible
of being made the subject
matter of predication.

In the English law
the efficient causes are
unnecessary particularizations
of both numbers.
2. both sexes genders
3. Specific enumeration
when the import can be
conveyed by a single collective
or say generic term.
4 Where the subject of
predication includes associated
bodies as well as
persons employment
of divers words instead
of some such single
word as person, with
an exposition given
once for all.
5. Involvement by
by embedding a proposition
in another instead of
prefixing or subjoining
6. Lengthiness is perni
pernicious not only
as conducive to over
bulkiness but also
to the opposite of
clearness clearness; to viz
to obscurity and ambiguousness.
7. When instead of
employing the usual
instruments of abreviation
employed in
various discourses the

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legislative draughtsman
employs these
particularizing for
, the consequence
is that when
in this or that
individual instance
the particularization
is omitted through
inadvertences the
natural inference is
that it was omitted
by design.
8. Thus if in a lengthy
paragraph the
locative persons are
persons he employed
and subsequently the
word he used in one
number alone the
inference is that the
word is in that case
applicable to that
number alone and
not to the other.
9. To these several
imperfections the
remedies are afforded
by so many corresponding

Ambiguity may be
1 in vocabulo or in term ino
2 in contextus
3. in situ, in mal

Unsteadiness of expression
has place when
for the conveyance
of one and the
same idea different
locations words or
phrases have been
so employed.
When it is meant to
express different
things difference in
point respect of
expression is the
smal sole resource.
Thence for the

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at least difference in
expression naturally
gives the idea of
difference in ideas.
App Opposite and correspondent
to unsteadiness
expression is unsteadiness
of import.

An ill considered
economy is among
the most productive
of the causes by
which longwindedness
in masses of discourse
is produced. One
predicate it is conceived
may may
be made to serve
for two or more
subjects: and hence
two or more substantives
with their respective
compliments of
attributives are found formed
under the government
of one verb. But
what thus
conjoins the mind must
sever before it can
embrace and make
any use of them.
Now of any fragment
of a proposition can
it acquire the
mastery in any other
condition than that
of making it up
into a compleat
one and accordingly
making up the
compliment of words
necessary to that

Entanglement is the
natural result is
where in one and the

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given material sentence
used in a grammatical
sense divers propositions
being used in a logical
sense are involved
are drawn out together.
(Example of this
in one of the
English admiralty

This entanglement is also
conducive to
bulkiness. As the
the obscurity
thickens: as the
obscurity thickens
it engages the attention
of the penman:
fearing least the
mess should grow
too much entangled
and through entanglement
too obscure for use
he sets himself to
work to disentangle
it: to point out this
or that distinction
in the provision
meant to be made
respecting the two
subjects thus involved.
But as by words it
was that the matter
was entangled so it
is only by words that
the disentanglement
can be effected or
so much as aimed at
and thus it is that
that which gives encrease
to be obscurity gives
encrease also to

Division conducive
to comprehension
separation and numeration.
This is done
in the case of
the bible. But
Legislaturial bigotry
has refused what
religions bigotry could not.

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