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The has indeed
divided and numerated
sections but without
legislative authority or

Unsteadiness of or expression
has place when used in
propositions for the
conveyance of one
and the same idea
or portions of an idea
different locutions whether
single worded or many
worded have been

So much worse than
absolute redundancy
is longwindedness that
when if in any instance,
under the oppression
produced by by
longwindedness it is
necessary to seek
relief, relief would
in many if not indeed
in most instances
scarcely to be so
he found on any
other condition than
that of adding to
the number of words.

And inconsiderable acquiring
of words is among
the most productive of the
causes by which longwindedness
in masses of
discourse, in sentences
and paragraphs is produced.

From Of a want of divers
a proper division of
the statutes the
obscurity and
bulkiness and an
inconvenient mode
of referrence are
the consequence

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All these helps to
intellection are
refused when they are
the most needed.

It is easier to give
conceive the importance
of apt arrangement
as an help
to intellection than
to give a definition
of it.

Conception more
correct and compleat
consequently clearer
in proportion as the
relation of the
subject matter to
other objects is more
clearly understood.

Nomenclature is
classification. To
denominate wherever
the denomination is
a general term is
to classify.

If a number of
totally dissimilar
objects be designated
by the same name
nothing true can
be predicated of
the thing designated.

The greater their
similarity the
greater the number
of the truths predicable.

Bad order is
either that which is
such in respect of
aggregation and
disaggregation or
that which is such
in respect of

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When ambiguity is Ambiguity in vocabulo
no vocabulo in sexta in
situ. – In situ.
A proposition capable
of being understood
for the moment
at least as meant
to be applied in the
character of a limitative
proposition to
either of two other propositions
but in
reality meant to be
applied to one only
of them when it is
inserted between two.
In this situation lies the
efficient cause of the
ambiguity. – The
remedy is the insertion
of the limitative clause
in the bosom of that
proposition to which
it applies.

When the limitative
clause applies to
two principal propositions
prefix it to both. Were it At
the end it would appear
to apply to the
last alone.

Remedies for
Rule 1. Looks out
for objects standing
particularly in need
of fixed denominations.

definition Definitio
semel definitum
toties quoties.

having given a denomination
and a definition
whether single
words use that
definition a

Having given a
definition or a denomination
use that and a denomination
use that denomination
and no other
whenever the need of

---page break---

speaking of the object
Distinguish these
denominations by a
peculiar type.
Collect these denominations
in one index with
referrences for

Where a number of
objects are to be repeated
together as subject
matters of the same
predication try to
find a collective
generic term instead
of enumerating the

Where for the designation
of the object
in question there exists
an authoritative
appellative but that
appellative is many
worded and long
winded, if a popular
appellative can either
be found or made
for it provide such
concise appellative
accordingly. Thereupon
having for the sake
of certainty expounded
it once for all
by its authoritative
synonyme thenceforward
for conciseness
sake instead of the
authoritative synonyme.

Nomen vulgare cum
synonymo authentico
semel idem per se
toties quoties

In the sample act
The prize act in
some cases the Hospital
commonly known by the
name of the Greenwich
Hospital is called the Royal
Hospital at Greenwich.

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