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It is observed by a philosopher that
the sciences philosopher like plants, may
expand in two directions: in superficies and in height.
the The superficial expansion of those sciences which
are most immediately useful is most to be desired.
There is no method more calculated to accelerate
their advancement than their general diffusion; the
greater the number of those by whom they are cultivated
the greater the probability that they will be
enriched by new discoveries. Fewer opportunities will be
lost and greater emulation will be excited in their

Any tolerably complete effort to pourtray in detail
the course to be taken by a society for the advancement increase in height of the
science of political economy would imply on my
part a considerable progress towards making new
discoveries. Since this is more than I can so much as attempt
I will confine my present observations, to the means which
I think a society might take would give and the services which
it night render by the "superficial expansion" of the
science. And this course seems the most eligible because
it appears to me, on the best consideration which
I have been able to give to the subject, that
the diffusion of that knowledge already accumulated and
the constant application of established principles to
public occurrences as they arise, would as form the
primary and most efficient measures that could be
taken for the diffusion completion of the science, by a

It will I think be found that giv the principles
of any science cannot be diffused among the people
at large any otherwise than by displaying the
particulars or rather by giving exemplifications of
the particulars from which those general principles
are made up. Unless the logicians call the
has in his , the abstract will make
oor no impression.
Without these exemplifications or samples
of the particulars or instances of classes of operations
designated by the general expression, that expression is

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