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I believe I have derived as strong impression
I have No doubt can be entertained that by means of
a society well organized society make great deal
which might be done not only in the
advancing the knowledge of political economy
but in diffusing it.
political economy might be advanced and diffused much more rapidly than other know sciences which have .

It was to attempt to the For It would be more than I could attempt
to shew in what mode a society might be rendered
serviceable in making new discoveries: I may however
offer some observations on the immediate necessity
of some the institution of a society for the diffusion
of the existing knowledge of the discoveries already made
political economy.

It It cannot have escaped observation that the anticipated
political changes must be expected to create an
unprecedented demand for new legislative measures.
It appears to me that many circumstances tend to
shew that unless those who possess the are well
versed in political economy take the lead in
directing the public opinion in opinion and diffusing the
knowledge of sound principles those persons will be
forced to act upon the defensive against the
doctrines and projects of such persons as the advocating
of the so called equitable adjustment.

There are many pub interests adverse to the
public, i.g. the shipping interests: the colonial
interests; trades having protecting duties with which
interests individuals have rarely any special or adequate
inducement to contend.

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