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I entertain think no doubt whether that not the can be entertained
politic by means of by political
economy may be ore rapidly advanced and
diffused by means of a society than could
any of the other sciences, for the cultivation of
which such means have been applied.

I can not attempt but pourtray

Any tolerably comfortable effort to pourtray
in detail the course to be taken for the advancement of the
science would simply come as considerable progress
on my part towards making those new discoveries. that Since
this is more than I can attempt, I will confine my observations
to the effe measures a course which
I think the society contemplated might take for the
diffusion of a knowledge of the principles of
political economy.

To be It will I think be found that no popular
general principle can only be popularly
by displaying the particulars or rather examples from which
operations those general principles are made up: the
than the must be given before the abstract.

A society might by means of it appears to me
now might by means of its correspondence
correct many of the prevalent notions with relation
to the condition of the labouring classes
in this country as compared with the condition
of labouring in this country at former
periods and as compared with the
the condition of labouring in other
countries during the present time. I think the result
of these investigations would be salutary in
establishing extending the belief and the
practical application of many of the
doctrines of political economy and would at thence
would promote the peace of the country.

Mo It would at the same time be found
that such investigations would tend elicit
important qualifications to means at perhaps
of the reverse doctrines principles of political economy
and fit them for practical application
which they at present are not.

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