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There are four three modes
of equivalences as
between term and
term: (this indication
of mutually
synonymous terms,
between term and
proposition: (this is
what is called
definition); between
proposition and
proposition: this
is what is called

Definition is
indication of a
superior genus: where
no superior genus
or where no term expressive or designative
of a superior
genus has place
exposition is the
necessary and only

Distribution and
Division has place
where an there is
an aggregate: which
is separated into
Distribution has
place where there
is no such aggregate
and a heap or
scattered mass is
arranged into parts.

Definition defined
in p:180 of fragment
on Govt
in note to sec VI
of Chap. V.

In a note to the Chrestomathia
there is
an enumeration of
the faculties though
I do not believe it
is perfect.

The mind is the fictitious
entity in which
our faculties are lodged

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Marginal contacting
is of great
use to a man
in giving his
mind all the
desirable qualities
of knowledge in
extent and

The same class of
things which
may be genus
with regards his
one self of things
may be species
with regards his

In art on real
property in the
Westr. review
I have expounded
a new
mode of
division. In the
ordinary mode
the terms of
division are
obscure and
supersede but
the new mode
which I have
mounted gives
clearness. Bis
section Tris
section & on.

Something, make
ours to the
gradus ad panassum for the
English language
to give synonyms
and epithets.
In the Crabbe's synonyms
– several
books up the
kind there are

---page break---

synon but they
are few in
number and
there is no need
of their depredations.
It should
be called the
speakers and
writers assistant.
The words should
be arranged in
logical concatenation.

baseds: grounds
grounded: bottom

referrence relation
respect regards to

1. Exposition by
signs words
relating to real
entities: exposition
by signs or designer formed Representatives
1 Exposition by
terms laborious.
The greater part
of dictionaries
are series of
expositions by
the translation
of words.
The dictionaries
of synonymes are
for the most part
not contain words
which are not
strictly synonymous
which may be
translated the one
by the other
but of expressions
which are are
nearly synonymous
& the object of
these dictionaries
is to expand these
words by the way
of parrallisms.
it is rare to find

---page break---

words strictly
Words one of
which does not represent access
any which
the others are

3. The third
species of definition
is by etymologism

4th spec species of
exposition by

5th species of definition
– exposition by
individual definition.
Individual definition
must be based on
the proposition that
that it is impossible
that two real
objects can at the
same instant occupy
the same space.
The definition will
comprehend the
name of a
superior genus
of course a more
remote proximity.

6th Exposition
by paraphrasis.

7 Archetypation
8. Description

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